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Audi Driving Experiences

Audi R8 Driving

Essex, Lincs, Carlisle, South Wales, Fife, East Lothian

From £39.00

    • Drive a V8 4.2l R8 for 3 or 6 laps
    • Choose the circuit you want to drive the Audi at
    • No need for a driving licence for this experience
    • Minimum age to drive this R8 is 12
Audi R8 Driving Experience
Based On 1 Reviews

Elvington, Longcross, Castle Combe, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton

From £79.00

    • 6 miles behind the wheel of the Audi R8
    • Hotlap in a saloon car from your instructor
    • Personalised driving certificate included
    • 6 Locations to choose from
Audi R8 Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Airfield

Save £90 Was £159 NOW £69

    • Drive a powerful Audi R8 around a race track
    • Pre-drive sighting laps in a hot sports saloon
    • Take on the corners & curves at Bovingdon test track
    • 1:1 instruction
Audi R8 Staffs or Wales
Based On 3 Reviews

Staffordshire and Wales

From £69.00

    • Drive the 4.2l V8 Audi R8 on a race track
    • Multiple laps of your chosen circuit
    • Weekday and anytime options available
    • Driving certificate presented upon completion
Audi R8 Thrill
Based On 3 Reviews


From £49.00

    • Choose from 3 or 6 mile Audi driving options
    • One to one driving tips from a pro instructor
    • Individual driving certificate included
    • Weekday and weekend options available
Audi R8 V10 Plus

Elvington, Longcross, Castle Combe, Bruntingthorpe, Blyton

From £99.00

    • Drive the upgraded Audi R8 V10 Plus on the track
    • Take the Battle option and drive a V8 R8 too
    • Experiences at a selection of circuits nationwide
    • A high speed passenger lap in a saloon is included
Iron Man Audi R8 Blast

8 Locations Nationwide

Save 60% Was £99 NOW £39

    • Drive an Iron Man-style Audi R8
    • Available at various tracks around the UK
    • Choose a three or six lap experience
    • Available for adults and children 10yrs and over
Audi R8 Experience in Oxfordshire
Based On 3 Reviews

Heyford Park

From £89.00

    • 6 miles in the hotseat of the Audi R8
    • Passenger ride option also available
    • 1:1 tuition at this Oxfordshire circuit
    • Souvenir driving certificate included
Brands Hatch Supercar Thrill

Longfield, Kent

From £89.00

    • Extended supercar driving at Brands Hatch in Kent
    • Drive around this legendary motor racing circuit
    • A superb line up of supercars to choose from
    • Accompanied by an expert instructor as you drive
Double Supercar Experience
Based On 7 Reviews

Leics, Warks, Yorks, Surrey, Leeds, Kent,

From £89.00

    • Cars and circuits to satisfy all supercar fans
    • Drive a total of 6 miles on the track
    • Double distance upgrade options also available
    • 1:1 in car tuition at all venues
Goodwood Supercar Thrill

Chichester, West Sussex

From £89.00

    • Drive supercars for six laps each at Goodwood
    • Enjoy the thrill of driving at this historic circuit
    • An impressive fleet of supercars to choose from
    • In-car tuition from an expert driving instructor
Platinum Supercar Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £125.00

    • Choose from a range of amazing supercars
    • Drive for 6 miles under your instructors guidance
    • Driving certificate included
    • Choice of venues
Supercar Blast at Brands Hatch

Longfield, Kent

From £69.00

    • Drive at Brands Hatch - the home of motorsport!
    • Create your very own supercar driving line up
    • Drive each car for three miles around the Indy Circuit
    • Your chance to drive at this legendary race track
Supercar Blast at Goodwood

Chichester, West Sussex

From £59.00

    • Three-lap supercar driving at Goodwood Circuit
    • Drive fab cars around this historic track
    • Wide range of high performance cars to choose from
    • See if you can handle the fast Goodwood track
Supercar Collection Blast

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% Was £80 NOW £40

    • A superlative collection of supercars in Herts
    • Choose which car or cars you'd like to drive
    • Lots of special add-ons available
    • Sighting, high speed passenger & driving laps
Supercar Driving at Oulton Park

Oulton Park Circuit, Cheshire

From £69.00

    • Super car driving days at Oulton Park in Cheshire
    • You build the driving experience you want!
    • Drive for 3 or 6 miles in 1 to 5 different cars
    • Can you handle the tricky Knickerbrook Corner?